Vote Green

For a greener, fairer South Lanarkshire, vote for the Scottish Green Party in local and national elections.

Anyone age 16 and over living in Scotland can vote in Scottish elections. This includes any citizens of another country who lives here. You just need to register to vote:

You can register to vote from the age of 14, although you don’t get to vote until you are 16.

For UK-wide elections (General Elections) the rules are different. You can only vote if you are 18 or over and are British, Irish or a qualifying Commonwealth citizen, resident in the UK.

10 reasons to vote Green

We’re the only party taking the climate emergency seriously

We believe Scotland can, and will, be a successful independent country

We believe in a nuclear-free Scotland

We believe in a proper Living Wage for workers

We believe in a Universal Basic Income for Scotland

We believe public services should be in public hands

We support progressive taxation that ensures the rich pay their fair share

We support votes for 16 and 17 year olds in all elections

We believe in open borders

We believe in diversity and equality for all