Stewartfield Way

Greens are calling on SLC to scrap the £62 million Stewartfield Way road expansion project and work with others to develop an East Kilbride Peoples’ Deal instead. This deal would consist of a massive investment in social housing, a town wide energy efficiency programme and make public transport, walking and cycling projects happen.  Tell us what you think

  • Stewartfield Way dualling- will never be Green
    Central Scotland Lead candidate for the Scottish Greens, Gillian McKay commented on the SLC decision last week to approve the revised business “The latest version of the Stewartfield Way dualling project tries to dress up the project in green clothes but the Greens are not fooled. The project’s aim is to provide more space for road traffic and so open up more greenfield sites for private development, which may not even happen. It will destroy more greenbelt and create more climate busting emissions. I am urging Holyrood, South Lanarkshire Council and the City Deal to scrap this project and commit to a truly green recovery from covid instead.” Local Green campaigner, Kirsten Robb said, “By voting to move this project forward, Councillors are locking in an outdated plan more fit for the last century rather than the 21st Century. Whilst SLC has declared a climate emergency and a commitment to addressing poverty, this project will actually increase emissions and drive inequality for those without a car. The £62 million could be much better spent on regenerating the town, bringing brownfield and town centre sites back into use and improving energy efficiency in existing homes and buildings.”