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South Lanarkshire Council Can Show Climate Leadership

This Wednesday (28th Sep, 2022), Cllr Kirsten Robb, will present a motion to the full council calling for South Lanarkshire’s money to be invested for positive change and not contribute to the climate and ecological crises (full motion text available here). The motion asks the council to write to Strathclyde Pension Fund calling on it to divest from fossil fuels as soon as possible and for the council to develop a Responsible Investment Policy of its own.  

We Can’t Do This Without You!

We are asking you to email your councillors to ask them to support the motion. You can find your councillors here. We’ve created an email to make the task as simple as possible (this link will open your email client) all you need to do is enter the address and names.

Join our Rally 9:30am, Wednesday 28th September 2022, outside the Council Building on Almada St, Hamilton.

Share the image below on your social media accounts to spread the word

This summer many of us witnessed the catastrophic events of climate change on our own doorstep from excessive heatwaves and droughts in Scotland, to wildfires across Europe and the Americas, and floods in Pakistan. The Climate Crisis has never been more apparent.

Yet Strathclyde Pension Fund continues to invest in the very businesses driving climate change and environmental disaster. Pension fund members and council bodies have repeatedly called for their pension funds to be invested ethically. Other major pension funds have divested from fossil fuels, realising that their fiduciary duty requires ethical, environmental and social responsibilities as well as financial return to protect the long-term interests of their individual investors. 

South Lanarkshire must use its money
for positive change.

The current cost of living crisis stems from our over reliance on fossil fuels, and on the damaging business practices of the fossil fuel industry. Divesting from fossil fuels would free up those funds to drive community wealth building and to invest in ventures that seek climate and ecological action. We need these investments for a brighter future. In short, improving the lives of the people of South Lanarkshire.

South Lanarkshire Greens would like to thank Unison Scotland and Divest Strathclyde for their support and guidance.