Ending Peat Extraction

South Scotland Greens have been fighting applications to extend the timescale of peat extraction at three sites in the region: Hillhouse Farm in South Lanarkshire and Nutberry and Lochwood Mosses.

As well as damaging a globally rare habitat, peat extraction causes greenhouse gas emissions both from the site itself and from the peat which has been extracted, which dries out and then gives off carbon dioxide.

All three sites produce horticultural peat, which is due to be phased out by 2030, but the proposed time extensions would allow extraction until or beyond this date.

Following pressure from the Greens, Dumfries and Galloway Council refused permission for further peat extraction at Lochwood Moss near Beattock, and Everiss, the site operator withdrew their application for a time extension to the Hillhouse Farm site near Lanark. However, Everiss are appealing to the Scottish Government regarding the Lochwood Moss decision, and the application for continued extracton and Nutberry Moss is still with D&G Council’s planning department.

Laura Moodie, the Greens South Scotland Holyrood candidate said “Peatlands have been described as “Scotland’s rainforest” because of their importance for biodiversity and carbon storage. We want to see an end to peat extraction at all of these sites, and look forward to them being restored as soon as possible. “