A montage of pictures of Kirsten in acion, taken from the winter 2022 EKE newsletter
East Kilbride East,  Newsletter,  Winter 2022

Kirsten in action

The photo montage in the East Kilbride East Winter 2022 newsletter shows examples of Kirsten Robb, local council candidate, in action, working in the ward where she lives. The images are as follows (from top left to top right and bottom left to bottom right)

1. September 2021: Kirsten Robb and the local community enjoy the games area she helped to open. St Leonard’s Primary MUGA had been closed for many years but after persistent pressure and meetings with SLC officers, these fabulous facilities have now been reopened for community use outwith school hours.

2. Autumn 2020: Kirsten working with volunteers and the council’s countryside ranger service to plant a ‘biodiversity bank’, improving a grassy bank to make it richer in wildflowers – better for wildlife and people.

3. 2020: Delivering Green Newsletters in Brancumhall

4. 2015: Fighting to save Calderwood Library from closure with the local community. SLC gave the local community an impossible 3 months to develop a plan but voted to close it anyway. A big part of the community axed in a few short months. No elected members put forward options for revenue funding to pay for staff to keep it open and it was left to local people to try to save it in an impossible timescale.

5. Summer 2021: cleaning up the river at Castle Falls, Calderglen Country Park

6. Kirsten organising a community clean up in and around Hazelhead Park as park of EK Community Litter Pickers.

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