External pticture of Alison Lea Medical Facilities East Kilbride
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It’s Our Place, so let’s make Our Plan

Over the next year, our communities have an amazing opportunity to improve our area for the future by preparing a Local Place Plan choosing projects that local people want to see happen.

 The council and other agencies must take Local Place Plans into account when they develop land and services. This is our chance to do as other communities across Scotland have done and develop community-led plans that help address poverty, improve local greenspaces, tackle transport issues and more.  Our communities can say what’s important to us and improve our place too.

 You aren’t short of ideas. Over the years, in East Kilbride East, Green Councillor, Kirsten Robb, has been asking folk what they’d like to see.

External pticture of Alison Lea Medical Facilities East Kilbride
Alison Lea NHS facilities

You want services to better meet the needs of residents and improved facilities. For example, Alison Lea NHS facilities: the NHS are part of community planning and should take Local Place Plans into account.

Kirsten at vacant land next to Hunter Primary School

Vacant land next to Hunter Primary could be improved for use by local people. The Local Place Plan could gather views on how this site could be used.

Kirsten Robb at the entrance to Calderglen Country Park

Calderglen Park runs through the whole ward, with thousands of people on its doorstep. It should get the investment it deserves. How can it benefit more people and protect the environment we all rely on?

Steps at Blackbrae

You want paths that are accessible to all. For example, the sixty steps at Blackbraes: what projects could local people suggest in the Local Place Plan to overcome this barrier?

Brancumhall Pavilion

Brancumhall pitches and pavilion: Could we improve our local facilities to benefit the community?

Kirsten on stand for Challenge Poverty East Kilbride newtwork

Let’s challenge poverty: have your say on how the Local Place Plan could help address poverty.

 Kirsten has been working with residents to make those ideas a reality. She has started getting some of these improvements but together we can do so much more.  There’s lots of support available to help but residents need to lead the process.

Please contact Kirsten if you are interested in being part of developing a Local Place Plan in East Kilbride East with projects to improve our place. In other parts of South Lanarkshire, check out Community Planning (southlanarkshire.gov.uk) to see if your community already has a community plan or Community Planning (southlanarkshire.gov.uk) to get involved.

There is more information about Local Place Plans at: