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Greens help tackle housing emergency

Local Green activist, Kirsten Robb, who was contacted by a desperate resident, has highlighted the poor state of some council flats and now the council is now taking action.
Kirsten was sent a video by a resident of a block of flats in Westwood. These image above shows the extent of the disrepair in their communal hallway.

Kirsten passed the videos and photos on to council, emphasising how unsafe this was for residents and visitors to the flat. She followed this up with phone calls to the Housing Department and to a local newspaper to highlight the issue. The council acknowledged that this is an emergency, apologised and then fixed it within a week.

On social media, Kirsten said “Everyone deserves a decent place to live and this close was downright unsafe. South Lanarkshire Greens and I are delighted that residents got this fixed after we brought it to SLC’s attention. A big thank you to the local who reported it to me, the East Kilbride News for helping to highlight the issue and to the Council for their recent action to fix it.”

A reminder: if you have an issue in your council flat, please call 0303 123 10 10 (option 2) or email: Be persistent and please contact us on if you need help.