Councillor Robb update Dec-Jan 2024

As ever, please contact me on Kirsten.robb@southlanarkshire.gov.uk to meet or chat when and where it suits you. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

I’d like to wish all the very best for 2024. Whatever this year throws at you, I’ll be there to help you or find someone who will.

Hopefully you’ve come out more or less intact after those storms. Here are a few tips and contacts to help. If you see a tree blocking a road you should call and we’ll arrange for it to be removed 0303 123 1020 Monday to Thursday 8.45am – 4.45pm, Friday 8.45am-4.15pm or out with office hours call our 24-hour-call centre on 0800 242024. And for housing repairs, its 0303 123 1010 or emergency out with office hours 0800 24 20 24. To avoid bins tipping over and litter blowing out, don’t put your bin out til first thing and try and put a brick on the lid to keep it down. If it’s tipped over, please help by cleaning up any waste that has blown out into the street.

East Kilbride East action

Constituents have been keeping me busy with lots of action on ice, flooding and damp housing this month. Thank you for alerting me to these issues.

Parking issues: Members of the community have been requesting Brancumhall Pitch car park is spruced up, potholes filled and parking lines and disabled bays marked out. Whilst the council say that other more urgent jobs have been prioritised, they will keep it on the list, and are hoping it can be scheduled in before the end of the financial year. Also, South Lanarkshire Leisure has now made changes to the pitch booking system to remind people to travel sustainably and car share where appropriate and park responsibly within designated areas. Onsite staff will continue to do their best to help people park responsibly too. Thank you for community suggestions to improve this area and parking. In other parking issues, I requested that Keep Clear lines are repainted after residents highlighted the dangerous, obstructive and illegal parking that had been taking place around Alison Lea – they tell me things are improving.

Road safety improvements at Calderglen Park: With over 1 million visitors a year, residents had highlighted to me the state of the roads at the entrance to Calderglen Park. This week the roads are being repaired and minor safety improvements made. These are a pre-cursor to putting in a one way system that will help improve car and pedestrian safety. I have again raised the narrowness of the path leading in to the park and hope this will be considered as part of the current park masterplan process to plan for the future of the park.

It’s Our Place, so Let’s Make Our Plan! Over the next year, our communities have an amazing opportunity to improve our area for the future by preparing a Local Place Plan choosing projects that local people want to see happen. St Leonards Community Council hosted their first meeting on it this month. Get in touch if you are interested in finding our more or want to get involved https://southlanarkshiregreens.scot/its-our-place-so-lets-make-our-plan/.

Visits: More groups are restarting soon after the holidays but I managed to visit The Kettle’s On at Moncreiff Church, Thursdays 9:00 a.m -1:00 p.m. We were well looked after and you will be too. Drop in for a cuppa & chat, or read, bring your craft, or join in board games. Coffee, tea, biscuits, toast anytime. Hot soup, cheese and biscuits from 12noon. Laptops are available with WiFi, for work or finding work, information and more. Donations only. Kindly supported by VASLan, SLC, Communities, Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund. I also met the organisations in Connected Calderwood to learn more about what they do separately and together to serve the community. To find out more check out Connected Calderwood at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61550306783599.

Fire safety: To help prevent fires in our communities you can refer a friend or family member to get a free home fire safety visit. Visit: www.firescotland.gov.uk, phone 0800 0731 999 or text “FIRE” to 80800.

Glen Esk Park improvements: Last week, members of the local community and I litter picked the other half of Glen Esk park. We also discussed and got the views of park users and residents alike about the potential for a new path linking the park to St Leonards Road to access bus stops and Calderglen Park, avoiding the need to walk around Macnamee Gardens. All views welcome here https://www.facebook.com/gleneskpocketparkeastkilbride.

South Lanarkshire wide: Budget and nature emergency motion

Preparations for setting a council and separate, but connected, South Lanarkshire Leisure budget continues. All consultations have now closed so it’s down to negotiations and priorities with a final decision being made on 21st February.

But before that, I’m putting forward a vote for councillors to declare a nature emergency in South Lanarkshire on 31st January. Please find and contact your councillor using https://www.writetothem.com/ and ask them to support it. You are allowed to watch the debate in person in the council chambers (please let me know if you would like to come) or you can watch live online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqWA7V_SKyg. The full text of the motion is at South Lanarkshire Council must declare a nature emergency – South Lanarkshire Greens. If it passes, South Lanarkshire Council will declare a Nature Emergency recognising the current state of nature, its value to society and the crucial role its recovery and restoration will play in ameliorating climate breakdown. It acknowledges the progress so far, particularly the £2 million worth of environmental volunteering, contributing to nature restoration across South Lanarkshire and the public desire to see more areas for pollinators. Finally, the motion requests council ensures its work is aligned with the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy and highlights areas for further action, training and communication. 

Coming up this month, come along to any of these events or initiatives:

In 2024 outdoor volunteering to improve our community is expanding to weekday volunteering. Calderglen Volunteers will continue on the second Sunday of every month clearing away invasive species, opening up paths and creating space for nature. And if you can only volunteer during the week, we are planning something for you too! Follow https://www.facebook.com/WildNatureEK/ and https://incrediblywildeastkilbride.co.uk/ for the details in the new year.

We can all benefit from being outdoors, even in these winter months. Ideas and inspiration from Get Outdoors Lanarkshire https://www.getoutdoorslanarkshire.com/.

Connected East Kilbride have been working on something exciting with RSPB Scotland! These Nature Prescriptions are especially created for East Kilbride, highlighting what beautiful wildlife to look out for all year round right at your doorstep! They also have special tasks for you to carry out each month and even room in the back for note taking. They are great for walks to the park or even just looking out your window. Come along to the Connected Office (next to the EK Central Library) to pick up your copy and please keep us updated on what you find.