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Greens help tackle housing emergency

Local Green activist, Kirsten Robb, who was contacted by a desperate resident, has highlighted the poor state of some council flats and now the council is now taking action.Kirsten was sent a video by a resident of a block of flats in Westwood. These images show the extent of the disrepair in their communal hallway.…

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Can South Lanarkshire Council use resources better?

We sent a letter to the Chief Executive with our thoughts on how the council can improve. Earlier in the year, South Lanarkshire Council put forward a series of potential cuts to services and asked for comment. At the time the South Lanarkshire Greens wrote a letter to the council making a number of points.…

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Greens Manifesto for Holyrood 2021

The Scottish Green Party’s manifesto for the 2021 Holyrood election has been launched. It is our boldest and most ambitious manifesto to date. It offers a different future for Scotland, at a time when change is essential. We have costed plans for a fairer, greener pandemic recovery that puts people and the planet first, and…